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Ars Morphologica

A History of Model-Based Reasoning and the Art of Discovery from Plato to Zwicky

Ars Morphologica is a planned series of articles (eventually an anthology) about the historical and conceptual development of Morphology, both as a philosophy of science and as a general approach to scientific modelling. Chapters will appear serially on this page and at Acta Morphologica Generalis (AMG)

                                                     Chapters and Synopses

  • Chapter 1.  Conceptual Modelling, Combinatorial Heuristics and Ars inveniendi [Contents]
  • Chapter 2.  Plato's Architectonic and the Foundational Model of Rational Science  [Synopsis]
  • Chapter 3.  Model-Based Reasoning in Proclus, Llull, Cusanus and Kepler  [Synopsis]
  • Chapter 4.  Leibniz, Morphological Combinatorics and Ars Inveniendi  [Synopsis]
  • Chapter 5.  Goethe, Morphology and Whole-Part Modelling  [Synopsis]
  • Chapter 6.  Herbart, Riemann and Relational Space  [Synopsis]
  • Chapter 7.  Modern Neoplatonism: Peirce, Einstein, Gödel  [Synopsis]
  • Chapter 8.  Contemporary Morphological Modelling and Ars Inveniendi  [Synopsis]

Ars Morphologica