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—  Decision Support Modelling with Morphological Analysis  —

*** 20th Anniversary 2003-2023 ***

General Morphological Analysis (GMA) is a computer-aided modelling method for structuring and analysing the total set of relationships contained in multi-dimensional, non-quantifiable, problem complexes. Originally developed for strategic decision support at the Institute for Technology Foresight and Assessment (at FOI - Stockholm), it is used by government agencies, international NGOs and academic research institutes for modelling complex policy and planning issues, developing scenario and strategy laboratories, and analysing organisational and stakeholder structures. GMA is especially useful for working with so-called Wicked Problems.

Featured Articles [download in PDF] »  New "Morphospaces: A Catalogue of 52 Morphological Models from selected Projects"
     [Download article]
»  New BOOK: Conceptual Modelling, Combinatorial Heuristics and Ars Inveniendi: An Epistemological History
     [Download Chapters 1 & 2] Introduction and Theoretical Background
     [Download Chapter 4] Ramon Llull and the Combinatorial Art
»  For more, visit our On-line Journal: Acta Morphologica Generalis

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° Book on GMA from Springer. Check it out: Decision Support Modelling with Morphological Analysis.
° Visit the home page of the Second International Symposium on GMA, Bilbao 11-12 June, 2016.
° Download short descriptions of GMA in 13 languages: GMA multi-language summaries.

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