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Academic Research Support

Notice: Due to the pandemic and other factors, the Research Support Program has been suspended until further notice.

The Swedish Morphological Society supports selected student projects -- primarily PhD and MBA students -- in morphological modelling. If you feel that your academic thesis would benefit from the development of a morphological model, then we have a pro bono academic research support program that may help you.

Please Note: This support is for students pursuing an academic degree. Please read the "Disclaimer" at the bottom of this page.

For more information, please contact us at:

Academic Institutions which have utilised our research support include: For a list of of academic projects supported, goto: Research Support List

This program is intended for students pursuing an academic degree, not for salaried academic staff, financed project work, government researchers or consultants. The Swedish Morphological Society is not obliged to support any particular research support request. Since this support program is fully voluntary and non-commercial, we reserve the right to choose requested projects at our own discretion, to deny any request, or to terminate this service at any time, without prior notice. Support is given only to non-commercial studies and research. This notice is posted for legal purposes.

Swedish Morphological Society - Academic Research Support