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Contact: Swedish Morphological Society

Dr. Tom Ritchey is a former Research Director for the Institution for Technology Foresight and Assessment at the Swedish National Defense Research Agency in Stockholm. He has a PhD in social anthropology and an MA including mathematics, computer science and the history of philosophy (Uppsala University). He is a modelling theorist who works primarily with non-quantified decision support modelling -- especially with General Morphological Analysis (GMA), Bayesian Networks and Multi-Criteria Decision support. Since 1995 he has directed more than 100 projects involving computer aided GMA for Swedish government agencies, national and international NGO:s and private companies. He is the founder of the Swedish Morphological Society and Director of Morphologics (formerly Ritchey Consulting).

Please feel free to contact us if you have something to contribute concerning General Morphological Analysis. We include references for all serious practitioners who would like to contribute with Morphological case studies. We also offer the use of MA/Carma's Cross-Consistency Assessment (CCA) process to help studies done without the benefit of dedicated GMA software (see Research Support).

Swedish Morphological Society - Contact
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